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_VIO7618 Foto: © 2012 Violetta Wakolbinger

Audiovisual Performance, 20 min. Analog Cameras, Monitors, Mixers, HD Camera, Projection Gregor Göttfert & Florian Voggeneder, 2012. The Artwork is currently displayed as an installation at BESTOFF12 in Linz, Austria until December 2nd. By manipulating a feedback loop consisting of … Continue reading


© Marc Mühlberger 2012 - © Marc Mühlberger 2012 -

Generative video diptychon. Wall & floor projection, 16 x 9 x 9 m. Florian Voggeneder, 2012 Correlating Movement, Sound and Light, Delimat/Harrer/Schlesinger/Voggeneder investigate different concepts of Absorption in a stage concept for Ars Electronicas DeepSpace theatre. The visuals were generated … Continue reading


polyform1 © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Digital 35mm, 720p Analog Animation, Time Manipulation. Plastic Bags, Vacuum Cleaner, Household Obects Concept & Realisation: Sarah Feilmayr, Klaus Reiter, Florian Voggeneder Teaser & Key Visual for POLYFORM, a yet to be realised TV-show hosted on the user-generated television station … Continue reading

A Thousand Yard Stare

IMG_5731 © 2010 . All rights reserved.

Five-Piece Video Polyptichon Gaze, Video Projectors Concept: Gregor Göttfert, Sarah Feilmayr, Florian Voggeneder Project Team: Anna Margit Erber, Sarah Feilmayr ,Christoph Frey, Gregor Göttfert, Harald Starzer-Eidenberger, Katharina Riedler, Andreea Sasaran, Gerlinde Schmierer, Joachim Smetschka, Brigitte Vasicek, Florian Voggeneder. Video Installation for … Continue reading