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Viktor Delevs dual Screen Dance Performance for the Ars Electronica’s Deep Space Theater premiered during the opening of TIME OUT 01, an series of small exhibits by local art university students. Gruberska and Delev investigate several concepts, opening with a … Continue reading


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Januar 7th X-scale solar flares implied possible visible aurorae even in the north of Austria. Unfortunately, the misty air obscured our view up north during a spontaneous field trip Davidschlag, 2014.

Total Recall

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This year, Tom Mesic and me were in charge of the Ars Electronicas Festival Documentation. I still haven’t looked through all the images, these in the gallery were taken during the evening’s performances are grabbed from the press flickr channel, … Continue reading


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Four forteen-story buildings with quite a history to tell rest abandoned in an land lot close to where river Traun flows into the Danube. There’s two field studies being conducted by the sustainable architecture and experimental design departments of kunstuniversität … Continue reading


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I keep on recovering undeveloped rolls of film from various boxes in my appartment. This one contains a chrismas shopping spree, last attempts to resurrect our band Acephalia and a mountain in my hometown. Linz/Freistadt/Kefermarkt, 2007.